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Vanilla Visa Gift Card Activation Guidance

MyVanilla is a reloadable prepaid card service which provides a convenient, secure, and simple way for customers to manage their money. Unlike a credit card, you don’t have to go through credit checks and fill out paper forms. It could be used anywhere Mastercard and VISA are accepted.

The Vanilla VISA gift card is a special service which allows you to enjoy your shopping experience with easy and quick transactions without needing cash.

This guide will show you some helpful tips to activate and the VISA gift card by Vanilla.

Online activation guide for the VISA gift card by Vanilla

With a digital device such as a laptop, tablet, or smartphone and the Internet connection, you could activate the VISA gift card by Vanilla by following these simple steps:

Step 1: Visit the official site of MyVanilla at

Step 2: Choose “Account setup”.

Step 3: Enter your card number, which can be seen by removing the front sticker, and its CVV, which is the last 3 digits at the back of the card.

Step 4: Choose “Submit”.

Step 5: Enter your personal information, including full name, postal address, telephone number, and email address. Then choose “Activate”.

Step 6: Wait for a couple of seconds before you see the confirmation of successful activation on the screen.

Offline activation guide for the VISA gift card by Vanilla

Another simple and quick way to activate the VISA gift card by Vanilla is to make a call to the customer care service. You just need to follow our steps as below:

Step 1: Make a call to the Vanilla customer care service at 1 – 855 – 686 – 9513.

Step 2: Listen to the representative’s instructions and ask for card activation service from Vanilla.

Step 3: Follow the provided instructions and give your personal information.

Step 4: Provide your VISA gift card information.

Step 5: Wait for a couple of minutes before you get the announcement that your card has been successfully activated.

Basic features of a VISA gift card by Vanilla

  • Enjoy at the leisure time because your funds will not expire
  • Freedom to spend your money both online and in store
  • No fees after each purchase and spend your money on anything counts
  • It can be sued anywhere Visa and Master cards are accepted
  • Secure and convenient to use
  • It does not require any credit check or personal information
  • You can use the card immediately without an activation period

How to use a VISA gift card by Vanilla online

  • Assign the ZIP code

Several retailers use a ZIP code as a feature for checkout security. It is simple to assign a ZIP Code to your Vanilla gift card by logging in to your Vanilla account and selecting “Manage Card”.

  • Check out

With checkout, you would simply enter the information of your card in “Payment Method”. Your personal info isn’t related to your gift card. Thus, you need to use a mailing address to shop online to make sure you can contact a merchant when any issue occurs.

  • Use online internationally

You could use the VISA gift card by Vanilla in any countries which accept VISA.

How to use a VISA gift card by Vanilla in store

  • Present the gift card

Just give the Gift Card to a cashier when you are making purchases. Keep in mind to know the balance before shopping.

  • Choose and sign

Complete your purchases as a signature transaction by simply choosing “Credit” and signing the receipt. Also, you would visit the online account to track any transactions.

  • Debit option

Complete purchases as debit transactions anytime you want. Simply select “Debit” and then enter the PIN number.