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UBL Mastercard Activation Guidance

Once you receive UBL Mastercard you need to activate it to enjoy the benefits and features associated to it. The activation process is quite easy and if you don’t know, never worry because we have got you covered.

This article has covered the whole activation process thus making your work easy. So, to understand all process of activating the UBL Mastercard hassle-free, continue reading this article for a step by the step activation process.

Methods of Activating UBL Mastercard Activation

We have covered different methods of activating UBL MasterCard so you can use the one you prefer. Activating through online and customer care service are the only methods we will cover in this article. However, all are simple and have been covered in details.

Activating UBL Mastercard Online

  1. To activate your card online successfully, go to using your internet enabled desktop, computer, laptop, smartphone or any other mobile device using your favorite web browser
  2. Once you are on this website, click on the link labeled “Log In”.
  3. On the page you are taken, input your username and password then hit on continue.
  4. On the next step, input relevant personal details as required. These details may include your name, addresses, date of birth among other details.
  5. Upon completing entering the personal information, then input your card’s relevant details such as 16 digits printed on your card as well as the CVV code as well as card type among others.
  6. Once you are through, click on Continue and then hit on Card Activation.
  7. Within the shortest time possible, you will get a notification informing you that your card has been fully activated.
  8. In case you suffer problems activating UBLMasterCard, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with their customer care agents to help you solve any burning issues.

UBL Mastercard Activation Through Customer Care Service

If activating your card online has not been possible, you can try another alternative way which is through customer care service.

Here is the process:

  1. Using your phone number to dial 111825888.
  2. Once your phone has gone through and connected to the customer care agent, choose your preferred language.
  3. Upon selecting the language you have preferred, enter your personal information such as legal names, address, date of birth among others.
  4. After finishing the task, enter your card details such as 16 digits of the card, CVV code the card type among many others.
  5. After completing the process, you will get a notification informing you the card activation process has been successful.
  6. Once you encounter challenges activating the card, contact customer support to get help.


As you can confirm, all process of activating your card is simple and direct to the point. You can use any of the above and your card will be activated immediately and start enjoying amazing benefits associated with the card.

Avoid sharing your password, pin as well as username. Be aware of callers masquerading to be UBL Mastercard agents trying to get your password, Pin as well as username to use them illegally.

Keep off from trying activating your card from unofficial websites since they collect your details for wrong reasons.