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SunTrust Credit Card Activation Guide

To enjoy the benefits of SunTrust credit card, you must first activate it. You can activate the SunTrust Credit card in two different methods: online and through the phone call. So, it’s upon you to choose the one you prefer and within a few minutes, your card will be active and ready for use.

To ease the task of activating your card, we have shared guidelines on how to activate your card both by the online and phone call.

How to Activate SunTrust Credit Card Online

Online SunTrust Credit Card Activation is quite easy. It’s a process which takes merely five minutes to finish. However, before you activate the SunTrust credit card, you must be registered with Suntrust online banking first.

Below are Steps to Follow to Successfully Activate SunTrust Credit Card Online

  1. Go to SunTrust official site using a computer or mobile device.
  2. On the home page, Click on Sign On, Enter your User ID and the Password and click on continue. If you had not registered for an online account, click on Sign up now, follow the prompts to complete the registration.
  3. Now, find and choose Manage and Activate the Card Link.
  4. Then, enter the card number, and other details such as CVV, expiry date, SSN, type of card among others.
  5. Now, provide your personal details such as full name, address, birth date among others.
  6. Then Click on continue then on Card Activation
  7. Once you’re through with the above steps, your card is now active and you can enjoy using it anywhere and anytime.

After you’ve through with SunTrust Credit Card Activation, you will start to enjoy the range of benefits of shopping and controlling your account.

SunTrust Credit Card Activation Through Phone Call

If there are some problems in online activation which may be caused by connectivity issues, network error or whether among others, activation through the phone call is the alternative you should try.

Follow steps below to activate your card through a phone call

  1. Call the SunTrust Card Activation Phone Number: 1- 800-337-1140
  2. Then, listen and choose the appropriate option in order to activate the card.
  3. You will be required to provide card details and your personal details to the instructor to ease the activation process.
  4. Once you’ve provided all the needed details, agree with the terms and conditions provided by the instructor.
  5. Once you have completed the above steps, your card will be activated and ready for use in a few minutes.


Both of the two methods are easy to use to activate your credit card and begin enjoying endless benefits from the card. Ensure you’ve not shared your username as well as the password for security and safety purposes.