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Standard Chartered Debit Card Activation

Standard Chartered is a British financial and banking services firm based in London. It is operating a network of around 1200 outlets and branches in 70 countries and employing approximately 87,000 people.

Debit Card is one of the most popular services provided by Standard Chartered. It provides a variety of attractive offers and rewards with easy access to your money all over the world. With a debit card, you can enjoy secure payments, quicker checkouts, and complete freedom from cash.

In this guide, we show you detailed guides on how to activate your SC debit card in three ways.

Guide to debit card activation via SMS

Activating via SMS is the simplest way for many people. All that you have to do is to type “ACT <space> last 4 digits of your debit card number” and send it to 75722. For instance: ACT 5223. If you are abroad or use an international phone number, you should SMS to +196176495. After a few seconds, you will receive a message from the company which notifies that the debit card has been successfully activated.

Guide to online debit card activation

Here are a few simple steps to activate the SC debit card online:

Step 1: Visit the main site of the SC debit card at

Step 2: Login to your Standard Chartered Mobile or Online Banking.

Step 3: Enter the 16-digit number on your debit card.

Step 4: Enter your personal information.

Step 5: After a few seconds, you will receive a One Time Password or OTP in your mobile number. Enter this code to confirm the activation process.

Step 6: Once you have completed the instructions, your debit card will be immediately activated and PIN set.

Guide to debit card activation by using the customer care number

The last option to activate the SC debit card is to use your customer care number. Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Dial the number of the customer care service for a debit card at 1300 888 888.

Step 2: Select the option “Talk to customer care officer” to connect your phone call.

Step 3: Once your call has been connected to a customer care employee, you should ask for debit card activation.

Step 4: Provide your personal information such as birthday, address, and full name.

Step 5: Provide your debit card details, including card number, type of card, and CVV number.

Step 6: After a few minutes, the officer will inform you that the card has been successfully activated.

Main features of the SC debit card

International card: You can use your debit card internationally to make payments and withdraw cash across the Visa network.

Digital payment solution: You can enjoy a variety of instant payment solutions such as Samsung Pay, BBPS, Bharat QR, or UPI.

Secure online transaction: Every online transaction will proceed with enhanced security thanks to 3D OTP verification.

Contactless card: Enjoy complete freedom from cash, secure payments, and faster checkouts with a contactless card.

Necessary information you need to know

– Your PIN shouldn’t be so simple that someone else would figure out and make use of your card. Avoid using your address number or birthday. Also, make sure to memorize the PIN instead of writing it anywhere.

– After getting your debit card, you might change the PIN to ensure security at the ATM. If you haven’t completed any transactions at ATM or don’t change the PIN, you can’t use it for online transactions or at POS.

– Basically, you should keep the following information of your debit card safe from other people: card number, expiry date, account number, PIN or Personal Identification Number, as well as CVV.