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All About Lowe’s Credit Card (Features, Application, Pros & Cons, etc.)

There is a good reason why the popularity of credit cards is always rising. Credit cards come with many benefits that makes them suitable for consistent buyers. In case you want to purchase something but you cannot afford it, you can use a credit card to buy them. However, with numerous credit cards available today, it can be difficult for consumers to know which credit card suits them best. This is because credit cards are used in specific market niche and the benefits are unique to customers in that niche. One such credit card is the Lowe’s Credit Card that comes in handy if you love shopping at the home improvement store.

What is Lowe’s Credit Card?

Lowe’s Credit Card is a financial tool that provides customers with short finances while shopping for home products at Lowe’s retail stores countrywide. This credit card comes with numerous benefits that makes it suitable for homeowners interested in home improvement. Holders of this credit card do not incur annual interests, which allows them to purchase household products at discounted prices. However, it is advisable you clear the balance within the current month to avoid unnecessary interest charges. Lowe’s Credit Card has flexible terms which makes it convenient for card holders to clear their balance depending on their payment capability. Therefore, customers can request for flexible terms that are most suitable for them.


If you are interested in Lowe’s Credit Card, you can choose between three feature perks. The first advantage is the 5 percent discount which allows card holders to enjoy a 5 percent deduction off the total purchase cost. The second advantage is the low interest period that offers credit card holders a decreased interest rate for 3, 5 or 7 year periods. During the first 3 years, you will pay an Annual Percentage Rate of 3.99%, 5.99% over 5 year period, and 7.99% over 7 year period. The third advantage is the deferred interest. In case your total purchase cost is more than $299, you can choose between a zero percent APR financing option for 6 months or the previous 5 percent discount.

Lowe’s Credit Card application process

If you live in the United States, you can sign up for this credit card online or by visiting any of their stores countrywide. Visiting Lowe’s website to sign up for their credit card can save you time that could have been used to fill out and process paperwork in-store. Note that everyone who applies for this credit card will require to undergo a credit check regardless of whether they choose to sign up for the card in-store or online.

Who can apply for Lowe’s Credit Card

The Lowe’s card is good for people who frequently shop at their retail stores every month. If you find yourself shopping at other stores, this card might not be ideal for you. Home owners with massive projects at home can take this credit credit if they want to enjoy discounted prices. In addition, buyers who require more time to complete large purchase tickets can use Lowe’s Credit Card.


  • No interest cost

The benefit of using the Lowe’s Credit Card is that you will not incur any interest charges. Therefore, you can purchase home products at Lowe’s retail stores at discounted prices.

  • Convenient and fast application

Customers can choose to apply for the card in-store or online as they prefer. Also, the approval process can be completed within a few minutes so that you are ready to use the credit card.

  • No annual charges

Credit card holders do not have to worry about annual charges if they clear their balance before the next month.

  • Saves you cash

Lowe’s Credit Card comes with reduced APR of 3.99% over 3 years, 5.99% over 5 years, and 7.99% over 7 years. You can use this credit card for home improvement projects if you want to save money.


  • High interest rate

Lowe’s Credit Card attracts a standard APR of 26.99%. Compared to credit cards offered by some banks in the US, this is a high interest rate. If you are not sure you can clear your balance within that month, it is advisable you take a credit card with a low interest rate.

  • Restricted discounts

The 5 percent discount that comes with this credit card does not apply to all products sold at Lowe’s retail stores. The restricted discounts can confuse customers who want to purchase products from specific brands.