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Kohls Credit Card Service Online Guide

The Kohls credit card is very convenient and flexible to use. It allows you to shop both online as well as in the store without any hassle.

This card has numerous advantages such as weekly sales as well as discounts thus making it worth applying. Applying for Kohls credit card takes few steps and you are through filling out an online application form an obtain your credit card and start enjoying good things which come with it.

Kohls Credit Card Application

Applying for Kohls credit card is very simple and will not consume much of your time since everything has been simplified.

  1. Visit the Kohls credit card website and navigate to the application page, if you already have personal offer code enter it.
  2. Then click on the “Apply Now” button. Once you have clicked this button, you will be connected to a page where you will begin to sign up.
  3. Fill out all the requested details on the application page. Here, the required details include your official name, social security number, address, as well as gross income per annum among other details.
  4. Make sure you have read through all the important disclosures to have the understanding of the fees and costs as well as the calculation of your balance and your rights among others.
  5. Make sure you have viewed all the membership reward agreements terms and conditions in order to be well versed with the reward system in the Kohls credit card.
  6. Once you have confirmed everything is in order as expected, click on continue button to review and finally submit your fully completed application.
  7. After submitting, you’ll get alerts confirmation page, notifying you that Kohls will review your application and process it. In most instances, it takes only a minute to process and approve your application.

Kohls Credit Card Sign In

Signing in to pay kohls credit card online is very convenient. You can easily sign in your Kohls credit card either via my kohls charge or shopping Account from the kohls homepage.

The kohls charge account will enable you to pay kohls card online as well as view the purchases you have carried out recently among others.

However, Shopping account eases your shopping experience by giving you the authority to add kohls cash as well as coupons.

Kohls Credit Card Payment

Kohls credit card allows you to pay in many ways. You can pay kohls credit card online, by mail, at Kohls store as well as by phone. This has made the Kohls credit card payment very flexible and convenient to use.


The more often you shop with Kohls credit card, the more it will save you money. Discounts usually come frequently and substantially fair. If you use it to make bigger purchases, they become more valuable thus offering you more discounts.

However, if you fail to pay the balance and carry it to the next month, it may attract interest charges.