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How to Register & Use Aflac Online Account

American Family Life Assurance Company or Aflac is an insurance company headquartered in Georgia. It is the largest provider of supplemental insurance in the US. Also, the company underwrites a variety of insurance policies, especially the payroll deduction coverage.

In 2017, Aflac offers financial protection to nearly 50 million clients all over the world with more than 76800 licensed associates in the United States and 19200 sales agencies in Japan.

About Aflac

Aflac provides a variety of insurance policies for your daily life. The company will offer cash benefits whenever you are hurt or get sick to relieve the expenses which wouldn’t be paid by your medical insurance. These include:

  • Life insurance

The Aflac life insurance helps find peace in your mind with the term life, juvenile life, as well as whole policies.

  • Aflac car insurance

The Aflac auto insurance will help you cover the expenses of repairing your car when you have an unexpected accident on the road.

  • Cancer insurance

This policy gives yourself and your family a good tool to deal with a positive diagnosis of cancer.

  • Hospital insurance

You can get coverage with copayments, deductibles, and other expenses when you are out of work for a hospital stay.

  • Vision insurance

These policies will cover the expenses when you need to keep your eye focused and sharp.

  • Dental insurance

With dental insurance, you can keep your oral health at best with dental coverage which allows you to choose any dentists.

  • Critical illness insurance

These policies provide protection for your family against the financial burden when a serious injury or illness happens.

How to Register & Use Aflac Online Account

Step 1: Visit the official site of Aflac at

Step 2: Click on “Log In / Register” on the top right corner and choose your type of account, including Individuals, Business Owners, Brokers, and Agents.

Step 3: Read the Terms and Conditions carefully and agree. Then choose “Continue”.

Step 4: Enter your personal info, including name, email, ZIP code, phone number, and other requested details.

Step 5: Create your Username and Password, then choose “Submit”.

Step 6: Once you have completed these steps, turn back to the main page and use your registered Username and Password to log in.

Benefits of Registering & Using An Aflac Online Account

  • View all of your payroll deduction summaries online.
  • Make use of the online billing.
  • Review, save and print your electronic copies of the Aflac invoice.
  • Print all commonly used forms.
  • Check and update employee info and account.
  • The Aflac online claim feature helps you manage and view any of your insurance claims online easily.

Please Note

  • Before enrollment, make sure to review your account info with the agent to verify your contact info, billing frequency, and the number of annual payroll deductions.
  • After the enrollment, the Aflac will give you payroll deduction.

Click to Register & Use Aflac Online Account!