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How to Manage Your PNC Credit Card Account Online

PNC Bank is among the best banks in the US that provides affordable credit cards to their customers. It has multiple cards that offer customers cash back, balance transfer promotions as well as travel rewards. Furthermore, they charge 0% introductory APR on all credit cards with no annual fee. You can still benefit from PNC bank credit card offers without being a current customer. If you already applied for a PNC credit card then read on to find out how and why you need to manage your online credit card account.

How to Manage Your PNC Credit Card Account Online

  1. Visit their site
  2. You will find a login option on the navigation bar.
  3. Click on “Login”, and you will be prompted to provide your login details including your user ID and password. You can also recover your login details by clicking “Forgot User ID or Password”.
  4. If you have not enrolled for an online credit card account, you can click on the Sign on to online banking, and you will be taken through a series of simple steps to create your online account. Some of the essentials you require to create an online account include your SSN, bank account number and Visa Debit card PIN.
  5. To add your credit card to your virtual wallet, go to your virtual wallet and select Preference Tab. You will find “credit card currently included” under Account Setup and click edit. Now you can manage your credit card account online on the go.

Benefits of PNC Credit Card Online Account

View transactions and credit card statements

An online account allows you to access posted transactions lasting up to 13 months and you can search specific transactions with ease by specifying either a description or date of the transaction. Also, you can view up to 48 months printable bank statements that are available in PDF format.

Access your account summary

Check your account balance, your current credit, and APR at your own convenient time. You can also view your advance balance, check your credit limit and also access statements.

Custom alerts

Custom alerts allow you to monitor your accounts and all transactions through text messages and emails. You can set when to receive notifications regarding credit card expenditure, account balances, and information regarding overdrafts and direct deposits.

Transfer money easily

With PNC Credit Card online account, you can transfer cash between your PNC accounts. You can quickly service your credit card balance from your PNC checking account without necessarily having to visit the bank.

Enjoy rewards

PNC bank offers customers multiple rewards for using credit cards to make purchases. You can check your reward balance online and also redeem them.

Do you have any trouble accessing or using your online PNC credit card account? Contact 1-800-762-2035 to requests your login credentials and they will be sent via your mailing address or call 1-800-282-7541 to request credit card services.

Enter to Manage Your PNC Credit Card Account!