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How to Login & Manage Paypal Credit Card Account

PayPal is a famous payment gateway that helps manage payments and receipts between buyers and sellers. Every payment, receipt, and transfer is done online and it happens within a few minutes. Apart from using your own funds for making payments, PayPal also has a credit card account, which can be used for buying products and services immediately and then paying PayPal gradually in installments. Visiting their website should give you some basic idea.

How To Register & Apply:

However, to avail this facility you must visit the website of PayPal and understand more about Digital Credit Line. This facility offers you a free interest 6-month credit facility for purchases up to $99. Here are the steps to be followed for registration and applying:

1. You have to first have a valid PayPal Account. This should contain details about your name, address, banking account and so on.

2. You also must go to the link and go through the steps mentioned therein.

3. The “apply now” button in the Digital Credit Line option has to be clicked.

4. You must go through the step by step procedures which are self-explanatory.

5. The details should be submitted by pressing the “Submit” button.

6. You will receive a mail and other written communication regarding the activation of your credit line.

7. You can then log in to your account with login credentials and password and make use of the credit line.

Once it has been received you could make use of the mail which might contain a credit line code. You should mention this for making purchases and then pay off PayPal using this facility.


There are some laid down rules and regulations. PayPal is within its right to honor or reject your application for this special facility. There are also clearly laid down repayment terms and conditions which must be followed to maintain a good credit rating. While it is a good way to buy something close to your heart, you must know where to draw the limits and should avoid going overboard.

Click here to login & manage Paypal Credit Card account!