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How to Login & Activate Barclay Credit Card

Barclay is a British financial services company and investment bank based in London. It is providing 4 core businesses, including investment management, wealth management, corporate banking, and personal banking.

The credit card by Barclay provides users with many useful features and benefits. Once you have applied successfully for it, it is necessary to activate to enjoy these advantages.

In this guide, we will show you two ways of activating your new Barclay credit card online and via phone. Also, you will learn more useful information about your card.

Guide to activate your Barclay Credit Card through the phone

  1. Call the customer service of Barclay at 0800 068 4499.
  2. Request the representative to direct to the activation channel.
  3. Provide your personal information as requested.
  4. Provide your card information, including the 3-digit CVV and account number.
  5. Wait for a couple of minutes before your card is activated. The representative will inform you when the process is done.

Guide to activate the credit card via online

If you have already registered for the Online Servicing at Barclay. Then now you can activate your new credit card online by following these simple steps:

  1. Visit the official site of Barclay at
  2. Choose Existing customer. In the scroll-down tab, select Activate your credit card under the Your account.
  3. In the Activate online session, choose Log in to activate.
  4. Enter your ID number or Username and Passcode, then choose Continue.
  5. Choose Activate to start the process.
  6. After a few minutes, you will get a Verification code on your phone. Just enter this code to activate your new credit card.

Another way of activating your new credit card at Barclay online is to download a free app into your mobile and follow the instructions from the app. You can find this app at the activation session on the official site of Barclay by following the first two step mentioned above.

Main features of the Barclay credit card

– Manage your bank account easier: Do online transactions, view online statements, use the Barclaycard app, handy alerts, many payment methods.

– Enjoy more value with the card: 5 percent savings on purchasing tickets, check your credit score, one fee when going abroad, balance and money transfer.

– Security: protect you from frauds, straightforward and easy steps, no more money worries, and protect your purchase.

Benefits of using your credit card at Barclay online

– View your PIN instantly without waiting for the post.

– Go paperless by view all statements online. Also, you can download all statements within 12 months and print them off.

– Set up a monthly, free email or text reminders.

– Set up your own direct debit to avoid missing a payment.

– Share your account with other family members.

What information you need to log into the Barclay card online service

– Your ID number/username

– Your passcode

– Your memorable code

These details were created when you applied for the Barclaycard or registered to manage your online service account.

Other things you should know about the Barclay app

When you register for the Barclay app, you are agreeing to have only digital statements, which can be viewed in the app. If you want paper statements, it is simple to change the preferences in the app at any time.

Because of recent activities or changes on your account, sometimes you might be unable to access the PIN immediately. This helps to protect your account info from being accessed by unauthorized people.

This app is not available for partnership or commercial cards. Also, you need internet access, a compatible operating system and mobile device to operate. The app will no work on jailbroken or rooted devices. Some standard network charges for your data usage might apply. You can check these policies or details with your network provider.