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How to Log in & Use Bank of America Online Banking

Bank of America Overview

The Bank of America is an American financial services corporation and investment bank based in North Carolina. It has four central hubs in Toronto, Hong Kong, London, and New York City. Bank of America is the second largest bank in the US, after JP Morgan Chase. It services about 11 percent of all bank deposits all over the country with main financial services in investment banking, commercial banking, and wealth management.

No matter if you are a personal or commercial client of the Bank of America and do not have time to visit a bank, it is much more convenient to use its online banking platform. In the next sections, you will learn how to log in to your Bank of America account and a couple of benefits when using their service.

Seven Steps to Log in & Use Bank of America Online Banking

Step 1: Visit the official site of the Bank of America online banking at

Step 2: If you don’t have an account yet, then choose “Enroll Online Banking”.

Step 3: Follow the instructions to fill out your personal information.

Step 4: Choose “Continue” and review all of the provide information.

Step 5: Choose “Enroll” to finish the registration.

Step 6: Go back to the main page and use your online ID and password.

Step 7: Choose “Sign In”. Now you can choose any options or features that you want to use in the Bank of America online banking.

Benefits of Using Bank of America Online Banking

  • You can view your savings and checking account at any time and from anywhere.
  • The Bill Pay function help you see all the statements in the past.
  • See all of your business and personal accounts.
  • Transfer money between different accounts 24/7.
  • Track all of your budgeting and spending.
  • Replace credit cards.
  • Set up custom alerts to keep track of any change in the activities of your account and card.

Please Note

  • You can download the mobile app from the Bank of America, which is available for iOS and Android.
  • During the registration, Bank of America will ask you to confirm the SiteKey, which is an image related to your account. If you don’t recognize the provide ShiteKey, it is advisable to contact their customer support instead of proceeding and entering your password. You might be viewed as a fraudulent.

Enter to Log in & Use Bank of America Online Banking!