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How to Enroll In 401k Fidelity Online

401K fidelity is an online service provided by fidelity investment to ensure members of fidelity NetBenefits accounts, as well as personal information, have been given maximum security.

Fidelity investment is a company that is privately owned and operates like a mutual fund company. The company offers different services among them including funds distribution, wealth management, investment advice, retirement services, life assurance as well as security execution and clearance.

The company manages fixed income, equity, individuals mutual funds, businesses, institutional investors as well as financial advisors. It has a good reputation due to its high-quality services.

How to Enroll in 401K Fidelity

Enrolling in 401k fidelity is few steps away from you. Within a few minutes, you will be done with registration. Steps below will guide you to register your online 401k fidelity account.

  1. Visit using a newly updated browser from your mobile devices or personal computer.
  2. In this page, provide your social security number and your plan ID and click continue.
  3. Provide all personal information requested in the fields provided. Also on this page, provide a custodial consent. After completion, click continue to move to the next page.
  4. Create a username to use in logging in your account together with your password. Username should meet all standards set in order to ensure total security is provided. Make sure you create a strong password based on the instructions provided. A weak password will expose your account to frauds.
  5. Select a security question to help you to reset your password in case you forget. Once you are through, click on submit and you will be through with registration.
  6. With your username and password now available, visit and login to your account. After logging fidelity login, Enroll in the plan of your choice and start making a decision about investment, contribution as well as retirement planning.

Benefits for Users

Users of 401k fidelity online platform enjoy countless benefits. Among the benefits include:

  • Investment guidance
  • Maximizing retirement income
  • Retirement savings management
  • Wealth management
  • Accessing your account online from everywhere
  • Flexible investment plans
  • Perks and discounts
  • Vacations

About Fidelity Investment

Fidelity investment is a privately owned company operating mutual funds. It has countless services ranging from life assurance, retirement services, investments plans among many others. The company has been offering high-quality services for years and it has a very good reputation. Its 401k fidelity online services have varieties of services fitting customers’ needs. This has made many people join it thus rapid growth.

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