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How to Apply & Manage Your Firstbankcard Account

Firstbankcard provides you with lots of facilities like online banking, mobile banking, paperless statements and credit card payments. It is ideal for your small business or mid-size business along with personal or commercial purposes. Going mobile with your payments make it a lot easier for you to handle all the bills and payments efficiently. Firstbankcard account provides you with all these facilities. Just visit and apply for it.

How to register and activate?

You can register for the firstbankcard online account in some simple easy-to-follow steps. These are:

  1.  Click on ENROLL button and select whether you want personal enrollment or business enrollment. Once you click on the required enrollment, you will be provided with an application.
  2.  Provide all the essential information like account number, type, signature panel code, expiration date, name, date of birth and last four digits of SSN. Also, you have to provide an email address.
  3.  Then click on continue to move to the next step of activation.

They will ask for various verification processes which will help you to complete the activation of your online account.

What are the benefits?

The also provides lots of benefits along with the amazing services. Some of the benefits are:

Fraud protection: If you are concerned about identity threats, then you will be happy to know that Firstbankcard provides fraud protection. So, you will be able to enjoy great protection against all online payment frauds.

Chip enhanced card: The chop technology of the card can provide you with more security and safety than the magnetic strips.

Speedy checkouts: You will also enjoy a simple yet safe and speedy way of checking out while you are paying online.


You can only activate your online payment account if you are 13 years old or more. So, if you want to enjoy all these facilities and benefits, then head to and register and activate your online payment account today.