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How to Apply and Activate Your Ollo Mastercard

Do you need reliable tricks on how to apply and manage your Ollo MasterCard? If yes, it’s undoubtedly that this content covered in this write- up will be very important to your needs. The Ollo card you’ll get once you are done with the application process is a unique MasterCard associated with several merits including:

*It does not have penalty rate increases

*Has no return- payment fee

*No annual fee

*No over- limit fee

*Does not require users to pay foreign- transaction fees.

How to Successfully Apply and Manage Your Ollo Mastercard

Tip#1: Signing up for an Ollo Account

Visit the official Ollo website that is accessed at and sign up an account whereby all transactions will be completed at. You will be required to provide your personal details and security details i.e. username and password when applying.

An email will be sent after you complete the sign- up procedure to your e- mail address that you used during the sign- up process. It will alert you about the time period your Ollo MasterCard will be sent to you.

Tip#2: Activating Your Ollo MasterCard

Once you’ve received your MasterCard, you should follow the following steps to activate it;

  • Step1

Log on to the account you’ve signed up at, visit your account setting tag and choose ’Activate card’ A box will appear asking you for your Debit Card number i.e. the 16 digit number present on your card as well a pin of your choice consisting of four digits.

  • Step2

Click the activation button at the dialog box’s bottom side. This will not only make your Ollo card become activated but also ready for use.

A message will be sent confirming your card activated successfully and it is ready for use.

There are very many advantages you will experience if you will successfully apply and use your Ollo card. For more info about Ollo MasterCard and how you can reap more merits from it, ensure you visit this site i.e.