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How to Activate&Manage Your OTC Card Account Online

Are you interested in opening an account and applying for a card that will see you manage your finances appropriately? If yes, the text covered in this write- up will certainly be crucial to you.

It is appropriate you seek for the services of OTC Network if you want to apply for a dependable account card with ease and end up experiencing pros linked with this firm. Ensure you follow the correct procedure when applying for an OTC Network card account for you to avoid making unnecessary mistakes.

Benefits You Will Experience Once You Apply and Start Using Your OTC Card

  • As a user, you will not be entitled to pay foreign- transaction fee when utilizing your card.
  • This card once you start managing it, it will not expose you to any penalty rate increases.
  • Your card will not require annual fee to be paid when you’re managing it.

Applying for Your OTC Card Account

Sign up an account with OTC Network by visiting this website i.e. .
Once you successfully access the site, you will be required to use your real personal information when applying for your card. After you’re done with the signing- up process, an email will be sent alerting you when and where your card will be sent.

Tips on How to Activate and Manage Your OTC Card Account

Getting the OTC card after it’s sent to you does not mean you qualify to start using it. You will be required to activate it for it to function. Here are the simple tricks you should use to activate and manage your card;

  • Tip#1: Login on Your Account:-

Log onto your account at using the username and password you filled in the form you used during the card application process. Click the account setting tag and select ‘Activate card’. After clicking, a box will appear which will require you to enter in the 16 digits in your card and a pin consisting of four digits of your choice.

  • Tip#2: Clicking the Activation Button:-

Once you enter the required numbers of your card, a box will reappear offering you the option of activation. Once you click the activation button, your OTC card will automatically be activated and ready for use

Bottom Line

There are many other merits you’ll reap once you activate and start using your OTC card. For more info about OTC card account, ensure you visit this site i.e. .