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How to Activate PCS Mastercard

Activation of PCS Mastercard comes with many advantages and benefits to enjoy. The holder of activated PCS Mastercard enjoys endless benefits associated with it. If you want to enjoy all these amazing benefits offered by PCS Mastercard, read this post to the end.

The activation process is relatively easy and trusts me, you will enjoy. If you are not aware of the benefits to reap after activating PCS Mastercard, then, it’s good to know in advance that you will enjoy great discount offers, easiness when purchasing, paying bills at your convenience among other many benefits. Read this post carefully and you will get various methods of activating your card.

PCS Mastercard Activation Process

There exist various methods of activating your PCS Mastercard. This article will cover different ways you can activate your card and it will be upon you to choose the one you prefer. However, that should not send chills on your spine since all methods are easy and are covered in details.

We will cover activating the PCS Mastercard using SMS as well as through the Customer Care Number.

Activating PCS Mastercard Through SMS

Activating your PCS Mastercard using SMSs the easiest and simplest way you can activate it without going through the hassle. To successfully activate your card, follow the steps listed below. It’s worth noting, there exist different numbers used in activating PCS Mastercard.

  1. The format below should be used by users who want to activate their PCS Mastercard using SMSs.
  2. For PCS Black, in order for it to be activated, the user has to type the PIN [space] followed by the last 8 digits of your PCS Mastercard to 0601787878.
  3. For PCS Infinity, in order for it to be activated, the user has to type the PIN [space] followed by the last 8 digits of your PCS Mastercard to 0750090000.
  4. For PCS Chrome, in order for it to be activated, the user has to type the PIN [space] followed by the last 8 digits of your PCS Mastercard to 0757575555.
  5. After your card activation is successful, you will be informed through notification.

Activating PCS Mastercard Through Customer Care Number

Activating your PCS Mastercard using the customer care number is also easy, simple and faster. In fact, it’s a process that will take you only a few minutes to complete and start enjoying the amazing benefits associated with it.

Thus, to help you activate your card without going through a hard time, we have compiled the steps and instructions to guide you from the beginning to the end.

Here are the steps and instructions you should follow to successfully activate the PCS Mastercard via Customer Care Number:

  1. You must first dial the PCS Mastercard, Customer care number which is 01-80-961-961 and waits to be connected to the customer care attendant.
  2. Once your phone has been connected to the PCS Customer care agent, you will have to directly inform him or her regarding the activation of PCS Mastercard.
  3. Listen carefully to the attendant guidance. You will be required to provide your legal name, valid address, as well as the date of birth among other personal details.
  4. Upon completing providing your genuine personal data, it’s the turn to provide details regarding your card. These card information may include card number, CVV code, card type among other details of great importance.
  5. Once you have offered all the required details, it’s the customer care agent turn to activate your PCS Mastercard.
  6. After a short while, you will receive a notification from PCS Mastercard notifying you the card activation has sailed through you can now start enjoying its benefits.


As you can also confirm, all methods are simple, easy and faster. However, in a case whereby you are experiencing difficulties activating the card, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the customer care department.

Your personal details, pin, a password among other confidential details should be a secret to you. Never share these details with anyone. Avoid saving your username and password on merchants site.

Be alerted that there is endless fraud call masquerading to be customer care officers with the aim of obtaining your password, username, and pin. Please, never fall into their traps, else you will cry foul after they have accessed your account and cause damages.