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How to Activate ICICI Credit Card

ICICI Bank is an Indian financial and banking services firm based in Mumbai. It is currently the 2nd largest bank in the country in terms of market capitalization and assets. The company provides a variety of financial services and banking products for retail and corporate customers in many specialized subsidiaries and channels.

You can register and activate a debit card at the ICICI Bank to make easier payments anywhere you want.

The activation process is simple. Keep reading to learn how to activate your new debit card at the ICICI bank.

How to activate your new credit card at the ICICI Bank via customer service

You can activate a new credit card easily by directly call the customer service at the ICICI Bank. Below are all that you need to do:

Step 1: Call the ICICI Bank customer service center at 1860 – 120 – 7777 or +91 – 40 – 7140 – 3333 if you are traveling overseas.

Step 2: Ask the staff for the activation service of your new credit card.

Step 3: Follow the staff’s instructions and provide some basic information about you.

Step 4: Provide your credit card number and some other associated information.

Step 5: After a couple of seconds or minutes, the staff will announce that your new credit card has been successfully activated.

How to activate your new credit card at the ICICI Bank online

It is very simple and quick to activate your new credit card at the ICICI Bank online. Just follow these 6 easy steps:

Step 1: Go to the official site of the ICICI Bank at

Step 2: Go to Product -> Cards -> Credit card.

Step 3: Click on “Credit card activation”.

Step 4: Enter your personal information.

Step 5: Enter your credit card number and its 3-digit CVV.

Step 6: Click on “Activate” to complete the activation process.

Benefits of using a credit card from the ICICI Bank

After registering and activating your new credit card at the ICICI Bank, you can enjoy many benefits:

– Lifestyle benefits: you can enjoy a lot of discounts and promotions on movies, dining, and shopping in thousands of locations all around the world.

– Travel benefits: you can get access to complimentary airport lounges, fuel discounts or surcharge waiver.

– Service and rewards: payback offers, cash rewards, 24/7 concierge services, and more.

– Secure and safe: the card is integrated with a chip to ensure security and protect your credit card against fraud.

Special offers with the credit cards at the ICICI Bank

In addition to enjoying these benefits, a credit card owner at the ICICI Bank can also get some other special offers. These include:

– Everyday Delight

Cardholders can enjoy many discounts on a variety of services. These include movies, food, gift items, and more.

– Culinary Treats

You can get the best deals from the finest restaurants and cafes all over the countries with many cuisines and dishes

– Travel Easy

With an ICICI credit card, you can also get many great deals on mobile plans, hotel, or airlines when traveling all over the world.