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How to Activate AMEX Debit Card

Prior to using your American Express debit card, you must activate it first. Activating the card is easy and simple. In order to activate the card, you will be required to have your card details in place and have a web-enabled device.

Once you’ve activated the card successfully, you will be able to shop online, transfer funds and access your account details anytime from anywhere among other ton of benefits.

To help you activate the card hassle-free, there is the prepared useful guidance on activating your card through online and by phone without experiencing any obstacles.

How to Activate the AMEX Debit Card Online

The activation proceedings will merely take very few minutes not exceeding ten to finish. In fact, Online activation is the simplest way to activate your card.

Below are step by step instructions to guide you through the activation process successfully.

  1. Visit using a browser supported by either a computer or mobile device.
  2. On the center of the webpage, you’re redirected and you can get the section to activate the card.
  3. Input the card number in the space provided, and click on the Continue Button. After validation of your identity by the bank, you will be forwarded to the next step to set up your account.
  4. Enter all the details in the spaces provided and confirm then finish the process.
  5. Once you’re done with the activation process, you can make purchases, transfers and many more.

If you encounter obstacles while activating the card, don’t hesitate to communicate with the customer care services and you’ll be sorted out.

How to Activate AMEX Debit Card Through Phone Call

  1. To activate your AMEX Debit Card through phone call dial 1800296777 or +6562967722 local and overseas respectively for personal cards or dial 18007322566 or +6567322566 for local and overseas respectively for corporate cards.
  2. Go through the process stepwise keenly providing all the information required until the end of the activation process.
  3. Ensure your account card has been successfully activated and in case you have some troubles, contact the customer service and seek help. They will respond immediately and help you where necessary.

About American Express

Also referred to as AMEX, is American based Multinational provider of financial services with its headquarters found in the New York City.

It was founded back in 1850 and makes one of the Dow Jones industrial average components. It has witnessed tremendous growth and expansion for years and improved its services delivery to higher levels by offering the best in the market.