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How to Access Merrick Bank Credit Card Account

Established in 1997, Merrick Bank is a financial service company that specializes in credit programs to assist business and people in building or rebuilding their credit. They serve approximately 3 million cardholders in a variety of services, including institutional deposit certificates and consumer finance options.

Merrick Bank is as the top-20 issuer of VISA cards and extends more than $5.3 billion in credit. The company supports a wide variety of merchant categories and offers dynamic and multinational currency services.

There are a few ways to access to a Merrick Bank credit card account. However, online login can be the easiest and quickest one. In a few simple steps, you can apply, activate, and log in to your online account 24/7 and enjoy many benefits as mentioned below.

Benefits of Using A Merrick Bank Credit Card Online Account

  • There are many articles and blogs to give you helpful tips and information on personal and corporate finance.
  • The fee for the foreign transaction for very low. As a Merrick Bank cardholder, you should pay only 2 percent on each overseas purchasing.
  • You would deposit a security fund in 80 days, with the minimum amount of $200.
  • You yearly credit line will increase after a year of using the Merrick bank card.
  • It is simple to keep track of your daily transactions and activities online.
  • You can transfer money between different account safely, quickly, and simply without waiting for hours in a long line.

How to Apply for Merrick Bank Credit Card Account

Step 1: Navigate to the applying site at

Step 2: Select “Apply now”.

Step 3: Following the instructions to provide your personal information and financial information.

Step 4: Provide your E-sign disclosure.

Step 5: Choose how you want to fund your finance.

Step 6: Carefully read your application summary.

Step 7: Choose “Apply Now”.

How to Activate the Merrick Bank Card

Step 1: Visit the activation site at

Step 2: Enter your 16-digit card number.

Step 3: Type the last 4 digits of the social security number.

Step 4: Choose “Submit”.

Step 5: Log in to your Merrick Bank account and follow instructions to activate.

Step 6: After a few minutes, you will receive a verification email or message.

How to Log in Merrick Bank Credit Card Account

Step 1: Visit the login site at

Step 2: Use your registered username or email and password to log in.

Step 3: Choose “Log in”.

Step 4: Once you’ve logged into your account, you can enjoy many benefits as mentioned above.

Please Note

  • You need to have a Merrick Bank credit card account before accessing and managing it online
  • It is optional to provide your phone number
  • You should be 18 years old or over to apply
  • You can download the Merrick Bank mobile app to access your account at any time and from anywhere