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Halifax Credit Card Activation

Halifax is a British bank based in West Yorkshire, the United Kingdom. It operates as a trading division of the Bank of Scotland and owned by the Lloyds Banking Group. The goal of the company is to make banking easier for people of all needs and abilities. Halifax provides customers with many financial services and products.

A credit card by Halifax can be a great way to make your payments both online and in-store without cash.

In this guide, we shall show you how to activate a Halifax card

How to activate online a Halifax card

Perhaps the simplest and quickest to activate a credit card from Halifax is on the Internet with a digital device. Below are a couple of simple steps that you should know:

Step 1: Go to the official website of the Halifax card activation at

Step 2: Click on “Sign in to activate your credit card”.

Step 3: Follow the provided instructions to create a new Halifax account with a password and user name.

Step 4: Use the created password and user name to sign in your Halifax account.

Step 5: Click on “Activate your credit card”.

Step 6: Enter the number of your credit card.

Step 7: Choose your birthday and the expiry date of the credit card.

Step 8: Choose “Activate” and wait a few seconds before getting a successful announcement on the screen.

How to activate a Halifax card via the phone

Another simple method for Halifax card activation is to call and request via the phone. Just take those simple steps as follow:

Step 1: Make a call to the Halifax customer service at 0345 944 4555 or +44 1733 573 189 if you are calling from abroad.

Step 2: Request credit card activation.

Step 3: Follow the provided instructions of the representative and give the number of your credit card.

Step 4: Provide and confirm the CVV number of the credit card.

Step 5: Give your personal info as requested by the representative.

Step 6: Wait several minutes before you receive a successful announcement.

How to activate the credit card at a Halifax branch

If you don’t have a phone or internet connection, then you can visit a Halifax branch to activate your new credit card:

Step 1: Visit the nearest Halifax branch in your neighborhood or city.

Step 2: Ask the representative for credit card activation.

Step 3: Follow instructions to give the info of the card and your personal info.

Step 4: Wait until the representative announces that the card has been successfully activated.

Other information you have to know

– If you have an additional and the main credit card on the account, then activating the main one will automatically activate the remaining card.

– You can call the customer service to avoid activating both credit cards at the same time.

– The phone customer service of Halifax is available from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. every day.

– You can also download the Mobile Banking app for card activation.

– If you want to want to activate your card without contact, you just have to make a PIN transaction first.

How to check for credit card eligibility at Halifax

It is simple to check whether you are eligible for a credit card at Halifax without affecting your credit score. The process is as follow:

– Answer a couple of simple questions.

– Halifax staff will tell you the possibility of being accepted.

– If you are accepted, just follow instructions and apply.

The whole process takes around 5 minutes. A high score does not guarantee that you will be accepted. Also, the promotional term or rate that you would get would depend on individual cases.

Priority options for the Halifax card

Depending on your priorities and needs, there will be many different credit card options to choose from. These might include:

– Balance transfer: Save your money when transferring the existing balance to your Halifax card.

– Large purchase: Spread the costs of your purchases with a credit card from Halifax, from home improvements to holidays.

– Daily spending: Register a credit card and no more worry about your daily spending.

– Travel: Make payments all over the world without any transaction fees.